We Stand With Ukraine

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the unprovoked and violent attack against Ukraine and all who reside there. Over the past week, we have witnessed the resilience of a people bound together against aggression – and the strength that lies in international cooperation and solidarity. For the lives lost, on both sides, we mourn. For those who face further harm and suffering, for the lives disrupted and displaced, our hope is that diplomacy and peace will prevail.

Reports have also emerged of international students struggling to flee to sanctuary and find support; we would ask that all those who can provide help where it is needed do so without discrimination. The diversity of the world and the friendships we share are beautiful things to be cherished – and it is what those behind such wars seek to threaten. It is with hearts open to each other in fellowship and cooperation that peace can be found. Our world’s hope lies in this.

Maurice, Lee, Liesle, and the ASIC team

Yesterday, we put out a statement regarding the cancellation of the physical aspect of our upcoming conference. We hope you understand the reasoning behind why we felt the need to make this difficult but necessary decision. ASIC stands in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Our hearts are breaking for those we know and are in contact with in Ukraine.

If you are struggling, as we are, with feeling helpless in a situation beyond any of our control, you can donate to the Disaster Emergency Committee. The DEC are a group of 15 leading UK aid charities. The UK government will be matching individual donations pound-for-pound (up to £20 million).
Disaster Emergency Committee