Reflections on Bali Education Conference

Liesle shares her personal reflections on our recent Regional Conference in Bali.

Little did I know that one of my personal highlights from ASIC2019IC Bali would be such fantastic coffee…

August has been a busy month, and after returning from a glorious family holiday, I jumped straight into the preparation for the conference. The morning we left the UK, I felt a mixture of excitement and nerves. I was looking forward to the trip to Indonesia, but Bali is also the furthest I have ever been from home.

I needn’t have worried. The staff of Bali Dynasty Resort welcomed us with cheerful smiles in the early hours of Monday morning. (Actually, if I remember rightly, we arrived in the early hours for our regional conference in Muscat. Perhaps we need to book better flight times in the future!) After a few hours sleep and a scrummy fresh breakfast, accompanied by a delicious café latte with the palm leaves drawn into the foam, we set off to have a look around South Kuta. We had a stroll along the coastline and I dipped my feet in the Indian Ocean, soothing my jetlag and nerves. After the walk (and more coffee) we felt ready to get to grips with the work ahead of us.

Photos left to right: Liesle looking a lot more refreshed after dipping her feet in the ocean; the first of many coffees; Bali Dynasty Resort.

The bright sunny morning set the tone for the start of our conference, with the warmth of the day echoing the friendliness of the delegates who joined us. A fantastic group of dance students from UPI opened the conference and ASIC2019IC had begun! During the day I laughed a lot as well as learning a lot from the conference speakers. The conference had a wonderful, collaborative atmosphere, and I think everyone had a smashing time.

Photos left to right: another coffee, dance students from UPI performing a traditional Balinese dance; the many photos and lots of smiles – evidence of a “smashing time” and a shared passion for quality education.

On the more relaxed second day, we held consultative sessions with conference attendees. It was exciting to see the networking that was going on between the delegates from different parts of the world.

Photos left to right: more coffee, ASIC Surgeries with delegates on the second day were very well received and gave plenty of time for networking afterwards; more impressive latte art.

All too soon our conference was over, and we were preparing to leave… But not before I had found out who had been making my delicious cafe lattes! A gorgeous lady called Jo. For my last coffee at the hotel, she prepared it with a rabbit and my name in the foam. I was so touched by her friendliness – which is my lasting impression of all the people I met at the conference.

Photos left to right: Liesle and Jo; the last coffee of the conference with Liesle’s* name spelt in the foam. *Editor’s note: Liesle often has her name spelt incorrectly. Liesle was genuinely VERY happy about her personalised latte.
Photo: group shot of Bali conference delegates and ASIC team.

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