Taking a look at your feedback – Education Beyond 2021

In this post we delve into the feedback from our post-conference survey.

Thank you for your feedback

Of 92 responses to our feedback survey, a staggering 96% of you rated the conference as either a 4 or a 5 (out of 5), giving an average star rating of 4.56

With almost 450 attendees38 Speakers, and 37 countries represented, it is no surprise that, in their fantastic feedback, delegates commended the diversity of thought and expertise on offer.

We asked: What did you like most about the ASIC conference?

You said*
*Edited for brevity and clarity. (We have not included all feedback below. Please be assured we are making use of all of it!)

  • Different cultures and points of view
  • The opportunity to connect and share with others worldwide
  • Short presentations and strict time-keeping
  • The variety and choice in breakout rooms
  • Broad-range of inter-related topics and variety of content
  • Real-world examples of pandemic challenges and solutions
  • Drive for sustainability in education
  • Advocacy of inclusivity and diversity
  • The follow-up, method of presenting research, and volume of new information
  • Presentations from those at the top of the decision-making process in their countries
  • Organisers use of technology, easy [for delegates to] access

We are listening

Although we have been running large international conferences since 2017, we were (admittedly) nervous about translating our tried and tested format into a purely virtual experience. Thank you to all those who responded to our feedback survey; your insight has been invaluable, and this includes suggestions for improvements for future events!

Education Beyond 2021 was our first virtual conference.

Many of you have asked that we look at increasing the opportunity for engagement during the conference. Our response is to trial different models of Q&A sessions and panels at upcoming events to see what works best for our delegates, speakers, and staff.

While most of you preferred the shorter presentation format and praised the “fantastic organisation and strict time-keeping,” we also appreciate the wonderful comments from those who would have liked longer sessions and even extra days! While this may not be possible for any future virtual conferences due to the duty of care we have to our staff (we hope that you can appreciate zoom fatigue really does set in after two days straight of moderation and hosting!), we recommend that you attend one of our upcoming Virtual Seminars. The seminar series allows you to benefit from a more in-depth discussion of each topic due to the longer hour-or-so format.

To those who expressed that you prefer the face-to-face format – so do we! Our promise to you is that, as soon as it is safe for everyone and we can travel, our physical events will resume.

Thank you again for participating in the conference and for helping us to make our events even better.

We look forward to seeing you very soon at future conferences and seminars. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be able to shake your hand, place our hands over our hearts, and smile at one another – in person!

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