Elite Private School

Elite Private School embarked on their commitment to providing premier yet affordable education 22 years ago to meet the growing needs of parents seeking a more comprehensive educational model.

Founded in 1992 by a group of like-minded parents, Elite Private School opened with only a handful of students, but soon grew to a student body of over 500. Despite the school’s many achievements, Elite lacked one thing – a true home, being uprooted several times from one location to another. We are proud of our new campus which boasts international and ADEC approved classrooms, auditorium, playing fields, sports halls and swimming pool within a sprawling modern complex.

Our new complex is designed with your child, our student, in mind. We set out with a clear mission and values that informed every detail in the creation of this centre of excellence. Our kindergarten space has been designed in full partnership with “learning through play” experts.

We recognize that play enables children to make sense of their world and gain the self-confidence to engage in new experiences and environments. Our library is built with an aim of creating an environment to enhance your child’s capacity to learn. Our reading areas are designed to provide a calm and reflective state. Our lounging and conversing areas are a safe and appropriate forum for active storytelling and debate.

All these considerations coupled with our new strategic focus on recruiting the best international educators will provide the ideal components for your child’s academic success.


Address: Mohamed bin Zayed City, ME-9, Plot 14, PO box 41231, Abu Dhabi
Website: www.eps.ae
Tel: +971 2 447 5800
Fax: +971 2 447 9494
Email: lee.d@eps.ae