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Accreditation can be found in section 3.2.2. Interim   This type of inspection may be for the following reasons:
          Accreditation may be awarded after a standard Stage   • response to information received from partner or
          2 inspection visit and the fee is the same (see Section   government bodies,
          7). The annual fee is payable when the institution gains
          interim accreditation following an inspection visit. During   • failure to notify ASIC of significant changes,
          this period of Interim Accreditation a standard Stage 3   • failure to respond to ASIC requested information,
          visit would be undertaken with a view to considering the
          institution for full accreditation.                   • to check that the institution is still operating in
                                                                 accordance with ASIC’s accreditation requirements.
           4. Maintaining Accreditation
                                                                  4.4 Removal of Accreditation
          There are many benefits to maintaining your ASIC
          Accreditation such as access to ASIC Seminars, discounts   Accreditation may be withdrawn by ASIC at any time if:
          at WEBA events, ongoing support from ASIC in the areas   • The institution does not continue to meet the
          of business development, quality enhancement and       Accreditation Criteria or fails to meet the requirements
          international partnership development, amongst many    as detailed within the ASIC Handbook.
          others. These services are all covered as part of your
          annual fee. More information about these can be found   • The institution fails to disclose malpractice.
          in section 2.2.                                       • ASIC receives significant substantiated complaints from
                                                                 students/ stakeholders regarding the practice of the
           4.1 ASIC Call Support
                                                                 institution and, after investigation, it is seen that the
          ASIC provides a friendly and responsive call support   institution is not meeting the Accreditation Criteria.
          system for all our institutions. ASIC staff will contact you   • The institution is making false claims or
          a few times throughout the year to check on how your   misrepresenting itself in its publications (including
          institution is doing, offer any assistance or advice on   its website), particularly in relation to claims about
          issues you are experiencing, and inform you of upcoming   memberships and accreditations.
          events and ASIC services which may be helpful. This
          is also a chance to update us on any changes to the   • There is a change in the control of the institution which
          institution or to contact details.                     has an impact on the operations and structure of the
                                                                 organisation, including a relocation or addition of
          NB: It is a requirement of accreditation that institutions   premises.  Institutions must inform ASIC immediately of
          inform ASIC in a timely manner of any significant      any changes.
          changes to the operation of the institution such as
          change of ownership, changes in senior management,    • Payment for ASIC services is not received in
          location of main premises or the use of additional     accordance with the prescribed payment terms.
          premises, or significant changes in course provision.  In all cases ASIC will be happy to discuss each situation

          In addition to this ASIC asks all its institutions to complete   as it arises and give a reasonable period for issues to be
          an Annual Return with information about the operation   resolved.
          of the institution over that year and detailing any updates   Please note: the above list is not exhaustive and ASIC
          to institution details. These will be sent out by ASIC   reserves the right to remove Accreditation if it feels that
          staff shortly before the anniversary of accreditation and   standards are not being upheld or there is a risk to the
          should be returned promptly.                          integrity of ASIC Accreditation.

           4.2 Change of Circumstance Visit
          It is likely that a visit to an institution will be arranged if
          there are any significant changes in the operation of the
          institution, such as a change of ownership, appointment
          of new senior staff, introduction of several new courses
          affecting more than 40% of the enrolment or a major
          expansion of the premises /change of existing premises
          is planned. In particular, if the institution moves to
          new premises or opens a satellite campus there will
          be a premises visit to confirm that the premises are
          appropriate and that all statutory requirements are met.
          There will be a fee for such visits (see Section 7).

           4.3 Random Visits
          A random visit is an additional inspection which is not
          part of the formal accreditation process and is normally

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