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observe a number of teaching sessions and inspect the   The Stage 3 report will cover each of the eight Areas of
          learning resources and student/staff refreshment facilities   Operation, identifying points of strength and of weakness
          and on-site accommodation (if appropriate).           which should be addressed. The report will summarise
                                                                these under the heading “Conditions, Recommendations
          Institutions are asked to inform all staff and students   and Suggestions to the Institution”.
          of the impending visit, to indicate that some staff and
          students will be required to meet the Inspectors and that   There will be a fee for the Stage 3 visit (see Section 7).
          some teaching sessions will be observed. The precise
          format of a Stage 3 inspection visit is likely to vary in
          relation to the size, nature, location and complexity
          of the institution; though the likely format will be
          agreed during the Stage 2 visit (if appropriate) or by
          correspondence between the Principal and ASIC staff.

          Summary of the Inspectors activities:
          • meet the Principal together with members of the
           management team,
          • meet the owner(s) if this had not been possible at the
           Stage 2 visit,

          • meet a representative group of staff without senior
           managers being present,
          • meet course/subject leaders, if appropriate,

          • observe a number of teaching sessions,
          • meet one or two representative groups of students,
           depending on the number of students, without any
           staff being present,
          • confirm all documents on the checklist provided to the
           institution are in place and satisfactory,

          • hold a final meeting with the Principal to indicate what
           will happen in the immediate future, but not indicating
           the likely outcomes of the visit and whether or not
           accreditation would be granted since the final decision
           will be made by the Accreditation Committee.

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