As A Student Why Should I Look For ASIC Accreditation?

It is a challenging time to be a student. As the world shrinks and borders open across continents you need an advantage to stand out from the crowd and the best advantage you can have is a quality education. To get ahead you need an education that is not only relevant to the field you want to work in, but will prepare you for the multi-disciplinary problems faced by the professionals of today in all workplaces.

An ASIC accredited college, school, university or online Institution provides assurance that you are getting the kind of education that employers want to see.

iStock_000003512017XSmallASIC Accreditation within higher education is a voluntary, non-governmental process that gives recognition to institutions that meet established quality standards. The purpose of accreditation is to assure the public, students, parents and other stakeholders as to the quality of an institution and its commitment to high standards through a system of continuous improvement.

The place of an ASIC accredited institution is to build the foundation for fulfilling your ambition by providing you with the education you want and the skills you need.

The Value of Choosing an ASIC Accredited Institution

Top Quality Education
When you choose an ASIC accredited institution, you are choosing to study at an institution that will give you a top quality education. You will graduate with the skills and the credentials you need to get ahead and prosper in a demanding global economy. An ASIC accreditation means that your institution’s programs and courses are student-outcome focused and relevant to the field you are entering.

Your course of study will be taught by faculty who have been recognised for their excellence and professionalism by meeting rigorous standards. You will gain essential advice, grounded in the real world, from experts in the business community and access to a global education network that will prepare you for the world.

From Classroom to Workplace – An Education for the Real World
iStock_000003241754XSmallASIC has a global education network with strong relationships with businesses and entrepreneurial initiatives around the world. These executives serve on advisory boards and are consulted by ASIC on future skills requirements to ensure that ASIC accredited institutions and the courses they provide continue to meet the needs of prospective employers. Beyond this, our international reach provides opportunities for world-wide networking and global learning through international study programs, research programs and student exchange programs.

A Credible Institution

An Institution’s Commitment
Every institution that seeks ASIC accreditation must begin a process of continuous improvement that covers all aspects of the organisation. From the faculty, to the courses and everything in between, the institution is required to demonstrate that they can provide what their students need and in a safe environment. Every aspect of the institution is meticulously assessed, from governance to leadership and the outcomes of the institution’s students, to ensure that students receive a quality education.

And getting accreditation is not the end of the process. To keep their ASIC accredited status an educator is required to make on ongoing commitment to maintain the highest standards, not only in regard to the curricula, faculty and management, but also in their provision of state of the art equipment, software, resources and services to their students.

A Comprehensive Accreditation:
Our accreditation process consists of a set of key performance indicators split into 8 main areas, namely;

A – Premises, and Health and Safety
B – Governance, Management and Staff Resources
C – Learning, Teaching and Research Activity
D – Quality Assurance and Enhancement
E – Student Welfare
F – Awards and Qualifications
G – Marketing and Recruitment of Students
H – Systems Management and Compliance with Immigration Regulations

Accreditation by ASIC boosts the profile of an institution and confirms that it meets high standards of education, welfare and good practice. Our international accreditation reassures students, parents and agents that the institution they attend is a good choice, and that they will be provided with professional teaching, valuable qualifications and a positive learning experience.

International Quality Standards
TrustOur ASIC accredited institutions are assessed under standards defined by senior academics worldwide. To ensure the courses from our institutions remain solidly grounded in the real world we use the same standards of best practise embraced by some of the most globally successful businesses and organisations, such as TQM and ISO 9000.

Because these standards, amongst others, are regarded internationally as the model for performance excellence, business communities around the world have recognised many graduates of ASIC accredited institutions as both well-educated and possessing of a calibre that adds immediate value to their business.

What Does ASIC Accreditation Mean For Parents?

As a parent you understand that the most important thing you can do to ensure your children’s future is to give them the best possible education. While the opportunities available to the students of today are greater than they have ever been, you know that the challenges are equally great. Choosing an ASIC accredited institution for your child provides a wealth of advantages, of which a quality education is one of the most important.

Lecture TheatreStudent welfare is at the heart of ASIC Accreditation, and this is closely examined in our accreditation process. From student recruitment and induction to ongoing welfare support, you can be sure that all ASIC accredited institutions have procedures in place to ensure a great experience for students.

Furthermore, ASIC places great emphasis on the environment which students will encounter to ensure that your child will study in surroundings that are both safe and conducive to the learning experience. We require our institutions to undertake full health and safety checks. Furthermore we require our member colleges to have child protection systems in place where relevant, and to make adequate provision for students with special needs.

You can be confident that every institution which receives ASIC Accreditation is held to the highest of standards. All aspects of the institution are rigorously inspected to ensure that all our member colleges deliver the high quality of education that you rightfully expect for your child.

A Qualification from an Accredited Institution Opens Doors

Portrait of a studentAs a student at an ASIC accredited institution, your child will benefit from a broad acceptance of earned credits from their studies when they complete their course. This could allow them to transfer from a two or three year programme onto three or four year programmes at other institutions. Degrees from ASIC accredited institutions are widely accepted by universities worldwide for progression and credit transfer, ensuring that students’ potential options only grow the further they progress in their studies.

Students at accredited institutions benefit from ASIC’s global reach with industry and education. We consult with leading experts in business from around the world to ensure that the courses taught in our accredited institutions reflect the needs of companies and organisations for now and the future and, through our partners, provide excellent opportunities for students to study and exchange across the world.