Professional Design Institute

The Professional Design Institute is a leading online provider of Interior Design training. We observe international standards of learning fortified by our globally-recognized academic team and internationally renowned educational partners.

We strive to bring the knowledge of our passionate, competitive and highly proficient alumni to our global student body and provide efficiency of techniques in delivery and communication.

The Online Interior Design and Decoration course offers a complete and thorough curriculum in learning the art and profession of Interior Design. The programme is fixed on a self-paced setting, with available support from online tutors and assessors to mentor students in every step.

Our programme consists of 12 extensive training modules which covers the full range of the interior design spectrum, from theory to the technical and practical application of interior design and teaching corporate skills to help students start an interior design firm.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. With Professional Design Institute, the journey bears as much importance as the destination itself.

The destination of being a certified Interior Designer.

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