Passion International University For Sciences, Arts and Development (PIUSAD)

Passion International University For Sciences, Arts And Development (PIUSAD) is an International Open certified and accredited University.

In October 2019, PIUSAD in the US emerged from ALFIRDAWS Center, which was established in Morocco in 2015. PIUSAD obtained membership of the Union of Afro-Asian Universities in June 2021. It is one of the most powerful universities federations in the world. PIUSAD University and ALFIRDAWS Center have been accredited by ASIC in the same month, June 2021. 

We adopt the distance and continuous education system in learning and training (via the internet) to reach all the passionate people in the world, specifically in theoretical disciplines. PIUSAD has seven theoretical faculties in different fields: Education, Business Administration, Islamic Studies, Development and Humanities, Media, Law, Computing and Information.

We offer affordable professional diplomas, some academic programs, and we offer consultations as well. Our mission is to satisfy the needs of those who are passionate about sciences, arts or development in the world. Our Programs are offered by more than 200 specialised Doctors and Professors for more than 1000 students from many countries.

Live Your Passion And Enjoy.

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