Gollis University


Gollis University is a chartered Higher Institution of Learning in Somaliland, serving all the regions of Somaliland and the Horn of Africa, generally. It was founded in 2004 and a year later was chartered as a university by the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning with two pioneer faculties: Criminal Justice and Civil Engineering. Currently, the programs offered have expanded to cover eleven faculties in 30 departments offering both undergraduate and graduate courses. The population has grown from pioneer 80 students in 2007 to over 4000 students by 2014 statistics.


The university operates five campuses in Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao, Erigavo and Sahil. GU’s Hargeisa campus has expanded physically from a small campus of two blocks to over 40 buildings. Since 2008, GU has graduated over 800 students, a number that will continue to exponentially rise year after year. GU plans to open a bigger campus in Hargeisa in the future. Gollis University is accredited by the Somaliland Ministry of Education of Higher Education and the Somaliland Commission of Higher Education.


Over the years, Gollis University has grown stronger and expanded from the two pioneer programs to multiple other disciplines, to include Management Science and Economics, Information and Communication Technology, Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, Agriculture and Veterinary, Sharia and Islamic studies, Education, Geology and Water Resources, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Languages, and Graduate Studies and Research. This has come with building capacity year after year in the human, financial and infrastructural aspects. The University is proud of first class facilities to support teaching and learning which include Physical and Digital Libraries, the Teaching Hospital under construction, the Skilling Laboratory of Medicine and Medical Laboratory Technology, the Computer Laboratory, the Centre for Excellence Engineering Laboratory of Civil and Computer Engineering facilities.



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