The College of Metaphysical Studies TCOM

The College of Metaphysical Studies (TCOM) is registered as a religious education agency and now resides as an Accredited International Educational Institution with offices in the United States and Barbados. Members and Students of TCOM promote its definition of Metaphysics through the constant recitation and affirmation of the following:


“We believe that intentions of the mind manifest in life being made in the image of God, being both flesh and spirit. We view Christian Metaphysics as an avenue that has opened up in the spiritual realm to clarify what is going on in our lives and atmosphere when we attempt to define occurrences in the natural. We constantly affirm that we create our own reality and we learn how to control our individual thoughts, while keeping high vibrations and learning how to manifest with the knowledge that science is being integrated with spirit.”


TCOM has surpassed its exemption of recognition of Caribbean registry and awarding body(ies) with constant cooperative work and communication with the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC), to achieve excellence and quality assurance in serving as an International College. TCOM is awarded institutional accreditation by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC).

TCOM has a specified focus in Religion as an Educational Provider of Christian Metaphysics and this is also per our agreement with ASIC. Although our teachings and curriculum(s) is acceptable in secular fields our strategies of education is nonetheless led by religion and Christian Faith and we explore such topics as the optimistic value of the Holy word of Christ in full, and other esoteric phenomena and strategies that Christ used to dissipate negative spirits so that mankind might be saved [i.e, or our teaching and transcripting of Immortally Ascending into the Kingdom of Heaven as depicted in the book of Genesis and made available as a course thesis topic, Course: RSRD LTCI WS IS, 320: Research and Research Design, Learning Track Concentration Implementation, Work Study and Independent Study, 320; which is substantially justified as a research-based course supported with scholarly and scientific evidence, yet could be based upon theory when also scholarly supported].

The revelation of our curriculum although Generally Educated (General Education) and Terminally Based (Terminal Research and Research Design: The required Learning Tracks) is very much so intentional and adamant; and to those students who participate in these courses, studies may come off as custom-which it is-because these courses are designed in a way that allows students to Self Actualize.

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