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Akamai University is a unique institution of higher learning, with a vision to serve as a catalyst for human betterment. Since our founding on the island of Hawaii, USA, in 2002, our mission as a private educational institution is the advancement of the human condition and sustainability of the planet.  As an ASIC Premier accredited University, our distance education and cross-border degree programs are designed to promote the maturity and career advancement of our students. Our international student body represents more than forty-five nations across five continents.  Akamai encourages its students to personalize their studies, address important needs of their home communities, and the changing demands of their career fields.  Being freed from traditional residency requirements, our students find our university welcoming and friendly, as they pursue advanced learning in a self-paced manner, while maintaining their full time employment and family commitments.  We honor the life pursuits of our students, providing them opportunities to integrate work activities within their studies and research.

As a non-governmental organization, Akamai has established the fairest tuition rates possible, providing access for students from across the global community. Our University uses a blended model of education, providing excellence in instruction by one-on-one mentored distance learning, conducted by the use of a contemporary online eCampus facility and an extensive array of online learning resources.  Our primary areas of concentration  include: psychology and human services, business and economic development, ecological and environmental studies, education and literacy, health and wellness, sustainability and security, peace, diplomacy and international relations   Under the direction of highly qualified faculty members, our students are encouraged to create and evaluate, do independent and original thinking, communicate unique ideas and experiences, and design effective solutions within “real life” situations.

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Dr. Douglass Capogrossi