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Changemakers: Driving Quality in Internationalisation. EXTRA DAY ADDED

In the past decade ASIC has made its mark internationally and you, as an ASIC institution, are at the forefront of changing the face and focus of internationalisation with quality being at its heart.

Join us in October as we explore emerging trends, provide new strategies to enhance your institution’s internationalisation goals, and celebrate the launch of new TVET and Platinum Accreditation initiatives designed to expand your institution’s development in key growth areas in the sector.

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We are looking forward to enjoying a fantastic time packed with conversation and collaboration and hope to see you in the beautiful city of Muscat very soon!

ASIC Training

There’s more to running an educational institution than just gaining the accreditation. It’s important to maintain good operation practices in the long term so that you can keep providing students with a valuable and effective educational experience. ASIC can help you to implement various management strategies so you can continue to operate a successful institution.


Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Reviewing operations to determine their effectiveness and identifying areas of strength and weakness.
  • Service planning, business planning, strategic planning.
  • Plans for improvement and development of the institution.
  • Developing the curriculum to ensure continued relevance to today’s students.
  • Developing and implementing new administrative procedures.
  • Developing effective, ethical and honest marketing strategies.
  • Training programs for staff to help them develop their skills.

Events and Training

We believe it is important for our accredited institutions to be able to continue to engage with us, so we aim to give them plenty of opportunities to do so. This is why we provide outstanding Networking and Training Events. To do this, we join up with relevant organisations whose knowledge will help you to stay up to date with the latest legislation and best practices. This is essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the Education Market.

Seminar Programme


Previous seminars include:

  • Student Visitor Route, International Student Recruitment & Partnership Development
  • Internationalisation, Key Performance Indicators and International Student Mobility
  • Compliant International Student Recruitment in an Increasingly Adverse Climate
  • Establishing a Student’s True Intent to Study
  • Secure Recruitment Practices – delivered in collaboration with the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UKNARIC)
  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the Tier 4 Basket
  • Protecting your Tier 4 Licence – delivered in collaboration with the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UKNARIC)



30% Discount at all WEBA Events

As one of the benefits of ASIC accreditation, ASIC’s institutions can gain a 30% discount at all WEBA events.  These include regular international student recruitment fairs at a variety of locations worldwide and WEBA agent workshops.  These provide excellent opportunities for colleges to recruit students, meet new agents and develop partnerships.

More information about WEBA events can be found here.

Recruitment Fairs and Workshops

In the past few years we have attended and exhibited at many international student recruitment events, both alongside our accredited institutions and on their behalf. This has proven to be an effective and useful exercise and we will be continuing to offer this service. You can find out about upcoming fairs and workshops we will be attending on our website as well as in our regular newsletter.


ASIC Events

We sponsor and organise events throughout the year in collaboration with other organisations. These events relate to working with agents and recruiting new students.